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That's what we're looking for, right?

Help for kids.

Help for parents.

Help for professionals working to find the right services.

The Messy in Between coaching program gives youth, their parents, and youth-serving professionals the TOOLS to be successful with each of those roles and responsibilities!

Decisions Determine Destiny

The Messy in Between coaching program teaches how to take responsibility for every daily decision by connecting: Identity, Purpose, Core Values, Goal Achievement, Cognitive Behavioral Skills, and Resilience


Strengthening these skills help youth and parents to change destructive behavior patterns and learn to:

CHOOSE productive thoughts - which lead to helpful emotions - that trigger positive actions -- all keys to healthy, rewarding outcomes.


The right help at the right time!

The foundational service that the 13th Judicial District Youth Diversion Program is built on is the coaching program: Messy in Between.

Rather than offering the traditional punitive interventions of the past, we are now able to help kids take a mistake (or many mistakes) and turn the situation into an opportunity to learn lessons that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

Concerns that may prompt referrals to the program include:

- Truancy, School Attendance

- Grades, School Performance

- Bullying

- Family Conflict

- Drug or Alcohol Use

- Criminal Behavior

- Unhealthy Decisions

- Unhealthy Relationships

Youth and parents achieve success through an engaging, triple-threat experience:

Dynamic Educational Content (no boring PowerPoint slides)

Personalized Real-life Activities (to apply what they're learning)

Individual Coaching (8 coaching sessions built in)

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Movie scenes, analogies, stories, illustrations, and "Stir it In Challenges" reach students with all learning styles and attention spans.

Coaching helps kids see how to actually USE what they are learning to become the hero of their own story.


Program Features:

- Student Online Portal: Video Lessons, Personalized Activities

- Parent Online Portal: Video Lessons, Personalized Activities

- Weekly Coaching Sessions

- Optional Enrichment Activities

- Lifetime Access to resources for ongoing progress

Evidence Based Principles


"What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself. " Abraham Maslow

The process of self-assessment can be a fun, positive tool that gives you control over your growth and accomplishments.


Identity & Purpose

Who are you?

What do you love? What do you hate? What are you good at? What do you stand for? What are you willing to fight for?


Wellness Principles

The Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul

Wellness is the goal of a healthy, happy life. To achieve that, you need to understand the principles that lead to health in each of the 4 dimensions of your lives.


Goal Achievement

"We don't rise to the level of our goals, we fall to the level of our systems." James Clear

Getting to the top of any mountain requires careful planning. You've gotta clearly define your peak, projects, and daily practices.


Fear, Doubt, Shame & Blame

Dumbrellas block you from seeing the opportunities that surround you everyday.

Fear-based decisions are crippling. Doubts playing in your head will erode your sense of self-worth. Shame leads to all forms of self-harm. Blame will keep you in victim mode and keep you from playing the hero in your story.


Grit & Resilience

Growth takes time - and quitting won't speed things up! There are 4 keys to resilience:

Do the work

Own your choices - take responsibility

Ask for help - be teachable

Do. Not. Quit.


Core Values

"When values are clear, decisions are easy." Roy Disney


Each day you live is filled with hundreds of decisions. Defining your personal standards gives those decisions boundaries and focus.


Growth Mindset

Who are you?

What do you love? What do you hate? What are you good at? What do you stand for? What are you willing to fight for?


Emotional Intelligence

"Emotional intelligence can be the game changer to high performance and personal leadership."

Steve Gutzler

Connecting the dots between thoughts, emotions, and actions is a life changing skill.


Become the Hero

You are living out a story.

What role are you playing right now? Villain? Victim? Sidekick? Guide? or the Hero? You get to decide. YOU are the author, director, casting director, and star.


Cognitive Behavioral Skills

Things become Thoughts.

Thoughts become Feelings.

Feelings become Actions.

Actions become Results.


Avoiding Harmful Behaviors

Easy Buttons = Instant Gratification

Feeling better in the moment will rarely serve you well. Whether it's social media or substance use, there will always be a price to pay if you attempt to manipulate your emotions with easy buttons.

Purpose Driven Decisions
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Purpose-Driven Decisions

The Diversion coaching program can help kids become more self aware and emotionally intelligent, regardless of the disparities and inequalities of the circumstances that they may be experiencing.

The principles they will learn teach critical cognitive skills for life.

These skills include:

How to  own your life by owning your choices.

How to  see that your circumstances and your thoughts about those circumstances are not the same thing.

How to  recognize emotions you are experiencing.

How to  identify the purpose of emotions.

How to  choose your emotions by choosing your thoughts.

How to  assess your own well-being and make improvements.

How to  connect the dots to between your future dreams and your thoughts and actions today.

Once these skills are learned, we see the world differently.

We see opportunities we couldn't see before.

And we understand and believe that any change really is possible.


How to Make Chocolate Milk


It's pretty easy to attend a class.

If it's a good class, it's even easy to pay attention.


If it's a really good class, then it's not even hard to take notes or pass a few quizzes about what you're learning.

But - has that information changed your life with a few notes or quizzes??


Information doesn't change our lives unless we


It's Gonna Get Messy!


Goals. Decisions. Preparation. Plans.


What day do most people quit on a new goal?

It's Day 2.


Why is that?

You'll learn in The Messy in Between program, but here's a hint:

it's all in your head!

coaching is key.png
  • Personal - One to one coaching calls give kids a safe space to ask questions and receive guidance about how to reach their individual goals by choosing what to focus on next.

  • Real-Life Application - Youth learn to "Stir it In" and apply what they're learning after every single lesson.

  • Kids are coached about how to stay out of victim mentality and tap into the power of personal accountability

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